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Wheres my dip beam gone

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is there a black ridged box behind the instrument pack, looks like the photo below might have a blue or white or orange socket.


if you have one, just pull the plug out & dip beam lights should work normally, dim dip is no longer required in uk. 


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Ok so I finally got a weeks holiday so got time for Landrover jobs. Had a look and iv no dim dip module. Mines 1986 so I'm thinking maybe too early. But I do remember when I got it there was a black cable run from o/s blue/white to passenger side blue/red and the other end o the blue/red chopped into the blue/white. I put it all back to normal and it worked fine until I had to change one of the headlight bulbs.

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Are you using retrofit halogen lights instead of the original dull sealed beam units?  If so, do you have relays fitted?  If not, the stalk switch has probably burnt out, the contacts getting too hot and melting the plastic holding them so that the contacts are now recessed.

You might be able to repair the switch, but will probably have to replace it.  Fitting relays, controlled by the switch but allowing more direct power to the bulbs, will not only protect the switches but will also give brighter headlights.

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