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I have a rattling noise in the cab of the 110 that initially started off as an intermittent annoyance that has become almost constant at certain road speeds/revs. It appears to come from behind the dash where the wiper boxes and wiper cable runs. Flicking the wipers temporarily stops the rattle, but then it returns.

Has anyone else had this? I need to remove the top of the dash to see if there is anything obviously loose, but i suspect it may be the spindle boxes themselves with rattly loose internal parts? Is there anyway of dismantling these and packing them with grease to hold everything still but still allow the movement required? Is it likely to be anything else?

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I did fond a billiard ball in addition to nails, pencils and such in my heater matrix and lower dash, and as odd as that is, it's positively mundane compared to yours, Suffy!


Loose wiper box rear covers sounds most likely to me - they clamp the guide tubes and also have a sprung tab that applies pressure to the back of the spindle to stop it rattling about in its tube.

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I took it apart on Sunday. Nothing obvious. I think one of the wiper cable tubes may have been able to rattle slightly in its fastening in the wheel box, so i tightened up the wheelbox bolts a tiny bit and put some rubber cushioning behind the wiper cable tubes and it seems to have stopped! 

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