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Headlamp loom group buy

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It is a shame it ended the way it did. I do feel sorry for Jason and all the hassle that he has had, but seemingly disappearing (intentionally or unintentionally) with peoples money and little or no explanation was a bit off.

Just glad it is all sorted, everyone has their money back and the forum has something towards the running costs. 

Just a shame we have lost a forum member in the process. But it serves as a lesson to anyone who is thinking about trying to do a group buy (not that it is allowed on this board any more) that it is a much bigger commitment than it first seems, especially if it involved dealing with China.

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Thanks chaps. I'm positive I had pulled this notification last night but obviously there has been a technical hiccup betwixt brain and finger ...or maybe I'll blame the recent upgrade ;)

Anyway, this matter is now concluded so I hope you will understand that I am now locking this thread.


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