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Series IIa roof seal


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Hi guys,

I've got a '70 Series IIa that I took the top and sides off and with weather rolling in off the Sierras, I want to make sure to replace the seal. The old seal had never been replaced and is now in convenient bite-sized pieces.
Is there an equivalent weather stripping I can pick up from Ace or Home Despot? Or should I bite the bullet and pick up something from a Rover online store (very limited options here in Reno)?
I'm going to need to replace the roof-to-walls, the door window-to-door, and the walls-to-body seals (as well as the door seal, but I don't think I can fumbleflub my way around those contours).


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Hi, have you thought about buying mail order from the UK and shipping over there? It might be worth a try as the seals are light and so the charges might not be too steep.

As an example, try Paddock. The result of a quick search on their site is here but there are several others to try direct or on eBay.  Paddock say they ship to many customers in the USA so they will be able to quote a rate. I'm sure others will suggest some more places to try.

if you buy the correct seals then you know that you stand a good chance of keeping that weather out. Much better IMHO than going to Home Depot. It's a classic vehicle after all!

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Thanks for the answer Peaklander,
I tend to use RoversNorth here in the States for my mail-order needs.
Right now, I'm just looking for quick instead of original. When my bank account fills up a little bit more, I'll look into replacing with op. Right now I've got some closed-cell rubber pipe insulation, we'll see how it works. 

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