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200tdi water pump disassembly

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My britpart (i know i also dont know why i bought it) water pump has failed, iv swapped it out for a bearmach one so hopefully shouls be good for a while now but i was wondering if theres away to dissasseble the pump? As in get the impeller off? Im just curious about seeing how its failed internaly, it looks like the steel insert that holds the bearings/seals etc has worked its way out the front of the cast body

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I stripped and repaired a S1 water pump a few years ago and rebuild kits were available for series vehicles back then. The assembly is press fitted, so in order to take one apart you really need a suitable hydraulic press or be very careful with a hammer and a suitable drift.




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I wasnt planning to put it back together again i was just curious to see the insides, this one has failed pretty badly, it looks from the outside that the metal insert that holds the bearings and seals has slowly drifted out (forward of engine) bringing the impeller closer and closer to the inside of the cast body until it started to grind the casting away with the impeller, 


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