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''for sale'' query

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I've seen a 'nice' 110 sw td5 on t'web, 02 my in keswick green + white with new white wolfs. ONLY 75k and was on 'airport fire service duty' . now this prob means it was red, hence the now keswick green. thing is, at only   75k,it states it has the following.........


Genuine 75,750 miles just one previous owner (Inverness Airport Fire Service) Complete brake and suspension over hall including new discs, pads, calipers, hand brake drum, shoes cables, brake lines and flexis, new genuine LR H/D springs and shock absorbers. New swivels, seals and bearings. Fuel tank pump, alternator, battery. Perfect chassis ,outriggers and bulkheads, totally rust free. Full service just carried out, excellent condition Defender 100% structurally and mechanically, door bottoms all perfect, Fresh 12 month MOT with zero advisories , old cliché but first to see will buy. 


this seems rather excessive, do you think it has had a hard life, been in the sea, been flooded etc.  does look v. nice tho, but a bit steep at £10,995

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Sounds reasonable, but my main comment is that Inverness is a long way to find out you don't like it, not to mention making the trip and driving it back down south.

Is it really the best 110 SW in the country at the price - given you are effectively going the length of the country to see it - especially when you add on your time and costs to view and get it home?



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Actually,  thro' the power of t'web, I  have answered my own question. I googled the registration, and low and behold,  there it is, on airport duty........on the 'isle of Bara'  parked right next to the sea ,on a peninsular of the tiny island,  for presumable 8-10 years. and it was red. so i guess the salt air over  the years had taken its toll on the underneath.  Its in Midlands somewhere now.  Power of t'web is a wonderful thing you know.

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Inverness airport is inland(ish) and vehicle use there is on land/runway/tarmac.

Barra airport is a beach. Proper beach, tidal. The vehicles drive along it pre-landings and take-offs to scare geese, check for holes, scare seals etc.

Latter obviously rather salty in comparison to Inverness.

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Airport fire service vehicles should be good, unlike airport Ops vehicles.  The off roading is on flat ground and salt isn't used on airside surfaces in winter, though they do use urea on the runways for deicing.  As for the colour, you'd expect red or yellow, but they can be any colour as long as they are given reflective tape and blues and twos.  LTN airport fire section had a very nice Stornoway blue 110 with yellow-green reflective tape applied. It always looked spotless for the years that I saw it.

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