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super winch X9

big ives

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I have replaced the clutch lever, the internal spring and pin that moves the free spooland the screw on the end of the clutch lever.


HOWEVER its operates ok, but if I pull on the clutch lever the whole thing comes out in my hand


Looking at the parts catalogue it doesn’t show any other bits that will hold it in place???????????


anybody have an ideal what's wrong


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Not sure I'm understanding your question, but the freespool locking pin is stepped and only the narrow end should fit through the casting?

Sounds like the end of the casting under the freespool knob has broken off or been drilled out?

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lads sorry for the late reply

it was a second hand winch I bought and fully serviced and replaced all new parts for the free spool/clutch

I am not at home at the minute long way away, however it is possible that the last clown that had the winch drilled the hole bigger but I don't think so, it didn't seem like that when I serviced and rebuilt maybe I didn't pay to much attention

everything works at it should and the clutch lever is operating as it should, however it I tug/pull the clutch lever it moves out, will get another look when I get back home in a few weeks..........................................cheers Ivan 

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Also two types of free spool - plastic and alloy. They fit on the same shaft but with a different sizes grub screw - with the same thread size!

They have a habit of coming off mind. Just flying off. When I rebuild an X9 I always use thread lock and change the grub screw to a SS cap head

I have a lot of X9's - ranging from early to very late and I re-build them for folk. Superb winch, just don't ever power out with plasma

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