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Gearbox O ring advice

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I've had a slow leak form the gearbox for ages, very small amounts of fluid, and seeming to come from very high up on the box.

I asked Ashcrofts who supplied it and they suggested that the O ring on the horizontal shaft at top is the likely culprit.  I have an old box in the garage so took the top off to see how its put together and have found the O ring (pic 2) . However I'm not entirely sure how to remove the shaft. 

There's a large allen-head fastener on the top of the top-plate (pic 3), and concealed inside the box itself on the underside of the top-plate there's a push-through pin of some sort (pic 1). How does that pin come out - is it a push-through job?

Anyone tell me how to proceed - is it remove the fasteners at both ends to remove the shaft or is there some other method? 

Also - are there any bear traps waiting to swallow me - or is it as straightforward as it looks (once the shaft is removed)?




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Thanks very much for the replies and link Ralph & Souster.

Does that imply that the removal of the gear lever cup allows sufficient free movement to withdraw the shaft one way or the other to fit the O ring?

It's hard to judge whether it does or not when comparing the two sides as theLEVER-SELECTOR SELECTOR MECHANISM to the lower box (item 7 on lrcat link you provided) has only a relatively small amount of movement to and fro. The O ring is actually nearer the opposite end from the gear lever cup. 

I'm sure it will make sense but I can't visualise it!

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3 hours ago, western said:

IIRC there is a core plug on the rear face of the casting,  with it removed the shaft might be able to be extracted from the casing. http://new.lrcat.com/#!/1228/21477/21950/1650 


Looking at it again I think you're right Ralph - strip the shaft and it should slide out through the core-plugged hole. Must have a look in situ and see how much space there is.


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