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Towing legally with a Jap import Discovery


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This may come as a bit of a shock to some but I've just found out that its illegal to tow with a Jap Discovery

The reason , it does not have any weights stamped on the Vin plate all it has is the chassis number.

After doing a bit of digging about on the internet, this does appear to be correct.

Now the fun starts.

I've contacted the heritage centre, they say contact land rover.

I've contacted land rover, they said contact Japan, (ok ? )

Now I've just sent a e-mail off to VOSA to see what they have to say.

I do have a certificate of conformity from land rover saying it conforms to all UK requirements.

All that's needed is the weights stamped on the Vin plate and away we go .

Has anyone else come across this problem , if so what did you do to sort it out please.

Any info would be of great help.

Neil P-M

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Australian Discos and indeed any vehicle here do not have towing weights etc on the VIN plate - it is listed in the owners handbook for the vehicle.  So the Japanese experience is not unusual - it would seem that it is the UK that is different to the rest of the world in this respect.

With my current Range Rover I go to the Aust supplement of the handbook to get tow weights not the VIN plate.


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What he said..

Quite a few vehicles here on the Continent have nothing on the VIN plate but the VIN number.

Most Logbooks will state what the various weights are.

If the vehicle has a UK registration now, chances are some of the paperwork will have the various weights. Keep a copy of that with the vehicle.


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Today I went to a scrap yard that had two disco's in it.

I checked both of them, neither had any weights on the Vin tag.

This is starting to look a bit like a willd goose chase from VOSA.

has any one got a Vin tag that is stamped up with the correct weights in the boxes, if so could you take a picture of it but tape over the Vin number so we can't see that just in case so it can't be copied.

That way I can get a separate one made up with ,

Maximum permitted laden weight for vehicle

Maximum vehicle and trailer weight

Maximum road weight - front axle

Maximum road weight -rear axle.


Many thanks.

Neil P-M


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See towing & vehicle weights on pages 145 & 146 of Discovery owners handbook https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5kIlEiLq7M8QWg5dGZUU1pKZE0/view



haven't found any info relating to specific Japanese market vehicles.


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