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Take off springs/shocks questions...

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Hi All 

I bought some springs and shocks off ebay removed from a puma which hadn't done many miles. In good condition and everything, I just have a query regarding the fitting/part numbers. 

The front springs are both REB500220 red/green/orange. Which from googling the part numbers are both passenger side springs? Are they okay to fit, seems odd that they are both passenger side?! 

The rears is the same story, RKB500270 white/green/pink which I'm led to believe is drivers side. 

Are these okay to fit? Why are they handed? How will they be on a 90 truck cab, stiff? 

Also, are shocks meant to extend by themselves,  as these don't,  they just remain in position? 

Thanks in advance

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No idea about the springs - AFAIK they should be different in the front and both the same in the rear (*I think* but I don't have a 90). 

Shocks shouldn't extend by themselves. Lean hard on one and it will go in. Pull it out, it will come out. So I'd say they're ok.  

A spring expert will be along shortly…..

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Gas dampers always extend by themselves - they're pressurised, which is the whole point of them; the higher pressure stops the oil boiling over.  That is why they tend to be shipped with a strap running around the length of them.  Standard dampers don't, as they are not pressurised.  Never use gas dampers on steering, for this very reason - it's disgraceful how many aftermarket suppliers recommend them.

The springs should all be slightly different.  It was the same with leaf springs on Series vehicles.  it allows for the slightly uneven weight distribution of the vehicle - the engine and gear box are to the left side.

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Spring can be weird, I have in the past fitted 2 drivers side front wolf hd 110/130 springs as they are a bit taller, the rear springs were supplied as +2" 420ftlbs hd aftermarket and weren't handed so they only need fitting the correct way up.

There is a part number looker upper on here somewhere (in tech archive).



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I very much doubt you will have any problems from using the symmetrical springs.  As long as they are for the correct end of the same wheelbase vehicle, I really don't think there will be much difference.  I did this when replacing the rear springs on a Lightweight as genuine 7-leaf springs were rare and the supplier didn't have the springs for one side, so I used two left side springs with no ill effect.  Parabolic springs for the Series vehicles aren't sided, either, and I have never seen that cause any problem in the 18 years they have been on my vehicle or heard of issues on others' cars.  At worst, you might have a very small lean, but you'd get that with the vehicle having an odd number of occupants anyway.

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