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110 cab leaks


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Hi there,

I'm engaged in the endless, seemingly futile battle to reduce/eliminate the amount of rain water that comes in the cab of my 110 GS (soft top). I thought most of it was coming around the doors, but after a trip through some heavy rain a couple of weeks ago it was running into the footwell from under the dashboard. This is probably not good for the bulkhead.

I suspect it may be due to a 30 year old windscreen seal having almost given up, but before I pay out for a replacement is there something else I should be looking at? I did wonder about the seal between the folding section of the windscreen and the bulkhead - this may be wishful thinking.

Any hints gratefully accepted.



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I'm showing my lack of knowledge as I don't know what a GS version is but it's easiest to check with all mats and soundproofing stripped out from the footwells if you have any.


Look under the dash by sticking your head into the footwell on the driver's side and check for leaks from the pedal boxes or if the water is a bit higher up then the next place is that bulkhead to windscreen seal. Help whilst doing this is useful as someone can gently direct a hosepipe into strategic areas.

Also as so much water gets onto the top of the bulkhead from the bonnet, make sure you have a seal on the curvy bit and also that there are no holes or gaps where speedo and cables pass through the bulkhead into the dash area. a tube of RTV is really good to use to block these.

If it's the windscreen seal then the water gets in much higher up and can only come down at the corners so it's less lightly I think.

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Something that can give you more idea of where to look, quite often you can actually see holes if you get some one out in the dark with a torch. You in side and them outside either  by seeing light patches with indirect holes or a blinding flash :) with a gaping chasm

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The dash vent flaps are a likely source of leaks - old seals go hard and prevent full closure.  Other ingress points are the windscreen hinge bolt holes (the gasket is sometimes missing), windscreen wiper and washer jet holes and the bonnet rear buffers.  Removing these items and refitting with some RTV sealant, or adding some liquid sealant (such as Captain Tolly's creeping sealant, available from boat chandlers) should help.

Check the hose to the washer jet nozzle, too - if it is damaged or leaking at the connection (the hose hardens and loses its tightness with age), then washer fluid will leak and pool in voids in the back of the dash, leaking into the foot wells.

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