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Fireglass Arches

Les Brock

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After some of the fibreglass wheelarches ala Devon 4x4, does anyone else do them cheaper or am I going to have to bite the buttet and pay whatever they cost ?

i'm sure I saw "someone" else was doing them at the LRW show but I can't remember who.. :unsure:

I've got a 4 door and I know the rears is going to be a right pain to do, has anyone got any pictures of how they did there's ?(site's with step by step would be good)

just so I've got a better idea of where etc.......before I start cutting

SWMBO will not be HP if I screw up her beloved Disco :o

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'Words on the street' that Bearmach will be importing the same Aussie made arches as D44. Whether they've got them yet and whether they'll be any cheaper I don't know. They are expensive for what they are.

Four doors are a 'b'stard to do. Even Devon 4x4 will admit to that. I've seen one truly awful botched job and another guy i know who got a set, eventually 'bottled it' rather than end up making a mess of his car.

You can get an idea of what's involved if you scroll down to the bodywork section on this page at the East Coast Rovers website.

One think to remember before you splash the cash. Yes the arches look good, but you'll need a lot of offset and large tyres to fill the arches otherwise IMHO they can look daft without. This extra expense only adds to the cost of an already expensive item. With hindsight i wouldn't have bothered fitting the arches to my Disco.

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Thanks for the reply I'll have a look at the site,

as for the wheels I have a "spare" set of 75mm off set Mach 5's with 265/75/16's BFG Muds that I used to use on the HYbrid for on the road stuff, however they hardly ever get fitted as the hybrid only drives to and from events !

makes sense to use them really :D

otherwise I would'nt bother myself....well other than SWMBO "thinks" they'll be nice on my Disco WON'T they !

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A little warning Les,

I've just come back from the Belgium National where I had a small argument with a log on one of the lanes and it did this to me rear arch flare :o :


Not sure if I can repair it yet or if I have to fork out for a new one, if D44 sell them in singles!! :unsure:

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Well spotted Toby. ;)

They look like the 4 door rear arches and it's local pickup only. They would make good spares and handy if you live in the Manchester area.

I've now got mine done, I glassed it back together and made rather a good job of it, if I do say so myself!! :D


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