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X-Lite LED retrofit fail - Attempt 1

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As I'm quite the fan of LED torches and illumination in general. I thought I'd see how cheap and easy my X-Eng X-Lites could be upgraded to LED.

Attempt 1:

Found these claimed 6w quad MR16 LED bulbs on ebay.


It looks a bit bigger than the 50w halogen.



But fitted the X-Lite housing a treat.



The LED can be had in a 'cool' 6000k or 'warm' 3000k tint. This is the 6000k variant.

On first look it appears to be working fine.



But as soon as night fell it was clear to see that the LED output was very sub par to the halogen...











Back to the drawing board it seems...


I have a claimed 9w and 12w MR16 bulbs on the way to try, although I think the 12w will be physically too long for the X-Lite. If none of these direct replacement LED bulbs can match or exceed the halogen, then a custom build might be the only way.


Attempt 2:


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Given that 12v 50w halogens are usually rated at 1200-1500 lumens the 340lm on the led ones will mean they will be less bright, try and match the lumen values not the power.

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I'm using one of these in a dive lamp im building http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/50W-50-Watt-Full-Spectrum-7-Channel-High-Power-LED-Array-Plant-Growth-Grow-Light-/231237507037?hash=item35d6d457dd:g:bosAAMXQ3kNTfEf6

Its very wide angle, but you can find a projector lens for it. Its quoted at 4k lumens and seems to be. You might get it into an x-lite, but not with the lens. also you have to do your own current control.

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Hmm. Just had a look at a custom LED (made in UK) I've got sat here next to my sofa and quoted 970 to 1040 lumens at 4000k. Not sure of it's current draw but could try and remember to wire it up tomorrow and see.

Oh and that's a single LED about 8mm square. And as it's designed and manufactured in the UK it will meet its quoted output. Oh and they are not that expensive if I remember correctly.

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10 minutes ago, daveturnbull said:

Do let us know how you get on, and where you bought it from.

Was that aimed at me?

The LED is from Plessey but they're custom made for my father for some lights he makes, this particular one would be a bit annoying for a vehicle because it's got a forward voltage of 12.4V which means you'd realistically need a boost supply to drive it. It's just an LED on a PCB at the moment - I just happened to have one on the table next to me when I came across this thread. So integrating it into a X-lite would require some fabrication but perfectly doable.

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If there's demand I could look at integrating it into one and trying it out.

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LED technology has advanced quite a bit in the couple of years since this thread was started. There may well be better LEDs available now.

That said, I was going to comment that the OP was comparing a 6000K cool white LED with a halogen, which is probably around 2500K. Comparing luminance different colour temperatures is not going to give a very fair result. I'd have tried the warm white LED vs the halogen. SImonr once wrote some good posts explaining how our night time perception of detail is affected by different colour temps.

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