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130 vs 110 double cab where's the extra length


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Hi guys just wondering where the extra length is in a 130 double cab hicap vs the 110 hi cap is the length in the cab part of the hicap part? Are the hicap bodies interchangeable between the two? Cheers 

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22 minutes ago, mikec said:

Ah ok cheers for that it makes sense really but always thought there was a 110 double cab hi cap cheers guys. So anyone know wether the hi cap bodies are the same for sure?

a 110 hi cap rear load body is longer than the 130 hi cap rear body, the 130 has the 2 nd set of doors, whereas the 110 hicap only has 2 doors, if the 130 rear body if it fitted on a 110 chassis would leave a gap between rear of the cab & front wall of the body, 


side view of 110 & 130 hi cap, bodydifference at front of load bay/cab area. & a 110 double cab for comparison 




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