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Td5 intermittent engine fault

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Td5 engined 130 2004 with 240,000 kms. Just recently trouble with reluctant cold or hot start and running on 4 cyls. Problem is intermittent so thinking of investing in diagnostic tool. Any ideas or recommendations ? 

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Hi, diagnostic tool is good idea but may not reveal the cause of your problem; my basic knowledge of these engines suggests that the 'common' issues are things like oil in the ecu loom, porous fuel filter housing (air in fuel), fuel pump problems, and injector seals (incidentally the 'ecu loom' problem would normally show as a top side fault). The different tools all have their advocates, I've got Lynx which is ok but others choose differently, take your pick really. So start with fault codes, but then its probably a case of systematic elimination I'm afraid, sorry to not be more specific, good luck

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