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Forum Charter

Please also see the Disclaimer and Terms of Use for this forum.

Forum values

This forum has been established to provide an independent and open place for discussing and sharing information and activities relating to Land Rovers and related subjects. The forum's independence is maintained by the generous contribution of donations from its members which keeps us free from the influence of outside bodies including magazines or other sponsors. Individual contributions are not disclosed and do not secure the member any additional rights, they are a gift to the LR4x4 community enabling all to share equally in the benefits of a truly independent forum.*

*The forum treasurer manages contributions and finances and financial statements can be supplied to bona-fide enquiries.

Appointment of moderators

The forum is overseen by a team of administrators and moderators. If a need is identified for a new moderator, somebody in the existing moderating team will usually suggest a member for consideration. There have also been cases where members have nominated themselves or have been nominated by another member by contacting a moderator/admin and this is perfectly acceptable. When a suggestion is put forward the member concerned will be approached to see if they are interested and willing to undertake the task. If so the existing admin & moderating team will then discuss this taking into account such things as:

  • The number and quality of posts the member has made to the forum.
  • Whether they have knowledge relevant to the forum subject.
  • Whether they are likely to apply a common sense and mature approach in deciding what is and is not acceptable, and so on.
  • If the general feeling amongst the moderating team is that the candidate is suitable then the appointment will be made, or if there is more than one nominee then the one felt to be most suitable will be appointed.

Moderating actions/policy

Generally anything blatantly inappropriate (e.g. commercial 'spam', pornography, gratuitous swearing, obviously libellous comments or personal attacks & insults) will be removed immediately by the relevant forum moderator when they see it. Once removed the offending thread or post is stored in a Recycling Forum to which only admin & moderators have access, so it can be referred to or undeleted if required for any reason. If a persistent offender is identified then discussion will occur in the admin & moderator's forum as to whether the username should be warned, banned or other action taken, each case is considered on its merits. Usually if somebody is pushing the boundaries then it is expected that a PM asking them to behave is all that is required.

Please remember the administrators and moderators undertake their roles purely on a voluntary basis and are not financially rewarded for their efforts. Although we try hard the very nature of moderating means it is impossible to please all of the people all of the time!. OT Topics and Posts are discouraged from what is a Technical Forum, the subject of what is, or what is not considered off topic for LR4x4 raises it's head and has been the subject of discussion. We realise that on the odd occasion in the past the issue has been difficult for some members so in order to better clarify the matter Moderating is often done via a number of conditions which threads and posts can be judged against - its called "The Litmus Test". New threads and posts must meet at least one of the following criteria: Must be technical in nature. 4x4 or offroad related. Of benefit to the membership. Threads and posts that do not meet with the above risk being amended or deleted without prior warning. The moderators decision is final. Please treat the admin and moderating team with the same kind of respect and courtesy that you would wish to receive yourself.

Rules and regulations

Rules and regulations have deliberately been kept simple and have been left to 'common sense' rather than trying to itemise them in minute detail. However we do have Disclaimer and Terms of Use to which you agree in order to use the forum. Users are basically not permitted to post material that is obscene (including avatars), likely to be found highly offensive or likely to land the forum in hot water legally. The general litmus test of our policy on content is that if it is 'spam' or if you wouldn't be prepared to let your children see it, we probably don't want it on this forum, but to an extent is down to the discretion of the individual moderator. Our experience suggests that the vast majority of users understand the general principle of this and few step over the line, there is the occasional rapped knuckle but usually the only problems occur when somebody new comes in determined to cause trouble.

As this is a Land Rover forum members are expected to keep the majority of their posts about Land Rovers or subjects closely associated with them, their use, repair or modification. Some off topic posts are acceptable but in this case the post title should begin with the letters 'OT' as an indication that they are not Land Rover related. Land Rover related threads sometimes wander off topic but they are generally still regarded as being on topic.

Members are requested and expected to use the PM (private message) facility to conduct personal conversations or chats, which by their nature are usually of little interest to others.

Multiple usernames used by individuals are strongly frowned upon, so too are people who register as new users simply in order to post advertising material (whether 'spam' or a genuine classified advert) without contributing in any other way to the content of the forum. The "20 post rule" covers this and details of this rule are posted at the top of the Classified forum.

This is a plain English forum! This means that submissions should be clearly composed in English and have some regard to proper spelling and grammar*. The use of text speak and slang is strongly frowned upon and liable to deletion or edit without warning.

*We will make allowances for those outside the UK where English is not the primary language.

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