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  1. Part of the draw for going back to the M20 rather than anything later is so that the electronics are relatively simple. The engine is "stand alone" so the ecu doesn't reply on inputs from other on board systems to confuse matters.
  2. Good info on the sump. Thanks. Yes considered the auto but really wanted to stick with the manual box.
  3. Thanks for the replies so for, you're right about my knowledge level which is why I'm asking advice on the forum. The M20 appeals as it was done by LR themselves on the M50 engineed SA spec defender but as you say, I'm thinking despite it's advanages it will be a much more difficult project and do the benefits over the V8 warrant it? I was thinking of giving Ashcrofts a call but never having dealt with them and being new to LR ownership I wasn't sure how open they are to a chat of that nature. I'll give them a bell. Thanks.
  4. I'm looking into replacing the 300tdi in my 1998 110 SW with the 3.9 V9 from a Disco. The reasoning is that disco's can be picked up pretty cheaply and will give me all of the ancillaries I'm going to need. The intention is to retain the R380, so the question is what bellhousing will I need and I'm assuming I'll need a new input shaft. The transfer box should be a straight swap if I want to lower the gearing but is there any benefit to using the disco diffs? Are they a lower ratio than I have in the Def? The alternative was the BMW M20 3.4 straight six as it gives higher power and torque figures and is a very reliable and more efficient engine. It would be a more involved swap though so I'm leaning more towards the V8. Has anyone done an M20 transplant who can tell me what's involved or point me in the right direction? Many thanks.
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