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  1. 300tdi auto I have had a non working diff lock light for some time now and have finally gotten around to looking at it, the diff lock itself has been working fine though. So I checked the light and that was fine so I went to adjust the switch to see if that would do anything. Giving it a small twist and it sheared right off. Now I'm stuck with half a switch... Given that the switch is hollow I'm a little concerned about losing the transfer box fluid through the hole when running, guess I'll have to run it and see. But has anyone got any ideas about removing what's left of the switch? Cheers
  2. Hi guys I failed a warrent of fitness (NZs MOT) for my airbag light not coming on with the other dash lights when you turn the ignition. Any ideas on what could be causing this? Cheers, Will
  3. Hi guys, I've recently bought a set of 265/75/16s for my disco 1 and am looking to do the camel cut. However I have these rubber guards http://imgur.com/DVtOfvR and am wondering if anyone else has had any experience with cutting/removing them.
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