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  1. A correction to the above, map has 4 wires not 6, older ones would have 3 but the map on this model includes the air temp. sender which is the 4 wire. Going to give it a rest for the week end after checking every wire and pin on the ecu my heads got numm but iam thing beer will correct this. All have a good bank hol Steve
  2. just for info something's I have found about this fuel system setup that differs from the pre 04 models. and the wiring diagrams. it has a throttle peddle switch with 3 wires not 2. it has only one temperature sensor not 2 it has no vac pipe connection to the ecu it has a 6 wire map sensor in the inlet not a 4 the fuel pressure reg is in the tank assy so the one on the manifold does nothing and is no even connected.
  3. Hi, map sensor has no pipe it is in the inlet manifold then wired to the ecu. Is there anyway to test it or just replace.
  4. I have had a look at the wiring diagrams but cant find one for my model. they mostly seem to be for a v6 not a K series. I have also found that I have a 3 wire throttle peddle switch which in the book is shown as a 2 wire unit.
  5. Hello more news some good, following on from your info on the flood clear when peddle down and cranking. I took the tcs out but left connected the spring in the tcs holding it in the idle position and tried to start but same as usually. But if I turn the tcs to max the engine starts and runs well. so what does this now mean?
  6. Hi, I have looked for this wiring diagram but just cant find it, can someone help me please. Steve
  7. Many thanks for the reply FridgeFreezer, I have a 12v supply to the injectors when the engine is running or ignition on, which I think is right, but if my memory is right the injectors are fired via the earth in the ecu. you say look at the rave manual? sorry to seem dum, but more info please on this. the coil packs are on top of the engine no distributer so I think a mim 3 system. Thanks Steve
  8. Hi all, the lack of replies to the post above indicates that most others are baffled by this problem too. So my next question is does anyone know of someone in the rg20 6np area that can come and have a look, Good money waiting for someone. Or it will have to go to Lancaster Land rover in Thatcham and cost a fortune. give me a call if you think you can fix it. 07786154122 Steve
  9. Help required please. I have a 2004 1.8 K series Freelander that is doing my head in and all most run out off ideas to try. So here goes and I will try to include all the info I can. It starts but wont run. it starts every time runs for a few seconds the stops, like being turned off. if you put petrol in via air intake it will keep going, so there must be a spark. But no fuel being injected. So I have checked fuel pressure and that is good as is the amount the pump is pumping which is good. I have replaced the cam shaft sensor and the crankshaft sensor. I have removed the inlet manifold and striped and clean all parts, I have had the injectors checked and is good. I have had the ecu checked twice by different firms and both say no problem. I have a new battery and also replaced the key fob batteries. The key fobs arm and disarm and the immobilizer is working as it should. I have removed the wiring harness and checked every pin for a contact found one pin that when to the map sensor broken so repaired that. It just wont run on its own something is holding the injectors out. Anyone had the same problem and resolved it. Regards Steve
  10. Hi, i need to get the radio in my 1996 es to work but have no code how do i go about getting it?
  11. Many thanks for this you were right about trying to find the com.plug but i did, it is blue and was well hidden just above the brake pedel. If i ever meet you i owe you a beer.
  12. Thanks for that Andy, tell me more about the blink test Steve
  13. I have adjusted both wheel bearings that seemed to have done the trick. Then the light came back on so back to the drawing board. Any more ideas please. Steve
  14. I have been asked to look at a friends Disco it is a 1996 300 tdi the abs is playing up. Start the ignition abs light on, start the engine abs light on, drive off abs light on. Now start the engine go backwards a few feet then drive forward abs light goes off but may come on again or may not. Done all the wiggle test checked fuse. Any help please. Steve
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