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  1. leakkydiff

    1993 RRC V8 - Poor Hot Starting

    Great thanks, will check and hopefully get it sorted
  2. leakkydiff

    1993 RRC V8 - Poor Hot Starting

    Thanks guys, I'll check out the dizzy, injector connectors and temp sensor at the weekend. Dunc I didn't block off the grille so a bit of water got chucked about by the fan - but not an excessive amount as I try to avoid it as much as I can. One question which may be stupid - where exactly is the temp sensor located? Cheers
  3. leakkydiff

    1993 RRC V8 - Poor Hot Starting

    Thanks, she's a 3.9 EFI Auto. No mods to the engine and normally runs fine. Air con removed. One of the last on coil springs I believe.
  4. Hi, First post on here but a fairly long term Range Rover owner since 2008 (and 110 Hi-Cap since 2014). Went to the LRO show yesterday and around the off road course she was getting a little hot - nothing major and really only due to the long course and waiting about, combined with the rad getting muddy water on it...I don't like water! Got home fine (approx 20 mile journey) and switched her off to unpack the baby and dog - when I came back 20 mins later to put her in the garage she took a bit of cranking to start then misfired for approx 20/30 seconds before it cleared and she then ran fine. She's not done this before and I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience? Could it be fuel starvation due to evaporation from the heat? It does get hot in the engine bay but she never overheats in normal use and the temp needle is always just under halfway. Rad was replaced about 4 years ago, coolant is up to the right level and thermostat works fine as does the viscous fan. Any help or advice greatly appreciated. Here is a pic of her too. Thanks. Alex

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