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  1. Thanks for quick reply – Sorry - yes it is a 2a. I will have a look through previous posts for info. I know most things are possible, but it’s how much time and money it costs to get there - in wifey world its all so simple and costs a £1 and takes 5 minutes to do. It sounds like I am going to be very busy for some time and she may not be seeing much of me for a while . I will let you know the outcome and if it goes ahead I will post pictures and comments. Cheers Big John
  2. I have a series 3a that has sat around for five years in the garden. I have been nagged to get it going again by the wifey that keeps stealing my 110. She keeps saying, if you get it fixed she can use it and its tax exempt, as it’s older than Moses. I have been offered a discovery 1 300 TDI in good running order. I have several questions. 1. How suitable as a donor vehicle is a discovery 1 300 TDI? 2. If the 3a chassis were beyond saving what chassis would be the best replacement? 3. If i ended up using a new chassis would it still be tax exempt? 4. If it ended up as a bitsa made from the 3a, a new chassis and bits of the Discovery 1 would it need an engineer’s inspection? Sorry to bombard but wifey has her teeth into this one. Any advice would be magic. Cheers Big John
  3. about to get a snorkel fitted on friday - yipee!!!!

  4. thanks all - i have gone for a TOMTOM - TomTom ONE Europe V4 Classic - UK, ROI & Europe - original price was £179.00 i got it for £99.99 from Halfords who were the cheapest. many thanks Big John
  5. Well here’s hoping for some guidance. Having recently driven for miles down the wrong roads I figure I have to surrender to the annoying chic in a box with "turn right" I wonder if there is one with some attitude - I wore the patience out of one I borrowed and in the end she just shut up and switched herself off. My luck with women. Anyway I am looking for something I can update with downloads - something to take to Europe - mainly France and Spain. So any help as to which one with an idea of cost would be helpful. Any to avoid. Cheers Big John
  6. Cheers to all for info and advice –I have been given a top funnel bit – so the guy who does my welding is going to bend a piece of stainless – so it looks like I will end up with a hybrid. Your pictures were well helpful as I was able to show Dave the welder the finished item. So will let you know how I get on – will post pics of finished job. Cheers Big John.
  7. Well having saved up a few ££££s I am thinking of adding a snorkel - trouble is they seem a tad expensive for a bit of pipe - sorry if you make these, I am sure it requires skill. The question I have is has anybody made one? I feel a bit blue petery and fancy having a go or is it just a case of handing over the near £200 for one - I have the air filter that takes the flat air filter element. Any help much appreciated. Not normally tight - easier to sell to wifey if its cheaper to make one, otherwise its hide the bill time. Cheers Big John.
  8. Hi hope this does not add to the confusion. I have a 300 tdi - 3-door manual 1994. No spider – no remote. When I first got my Disco I had similar problems with the immobiliser. I mention what I am about to as an idea of something else to look at. – The clicking comes from a solenoid behind the panel in the front passengers foot well. – If I open the passenger door first and someone pulls up the button the engine will not start. I have to operate the drivers lock to lock and un lock then the engine will start. The previous owner said he often had the immobiliser kick in and prevent the engine from starting. He used to open the driver’s door, dive in and start as quickly as possible. I took the truck to my local garage who had a real mechanic – I asked him to bypass the immobiliser – well the bas”!rd truck would not start and he had a crack at getting is started. He rang me 2 hours later and said – all done – come and collect it. The real problem turned out to be a really dodgy connection on the starter motor – he cleaned it all and 2 years later all is still fine – he did not bypass the immobiliser as he said it was working properly. I still have the problem if the passenger door is opened then the drivers door from inside the vehicle – this is due to a fault with old door lock and solenoid which I hope to cure with a new lock and solenoid this year. Hope this is of help. Cheers Big John
  9. I have had the smile problem - I think the waving is a bit naff - the sort of thing my mate does in his 110 - I think guys we know we are in the best vehicle so the smile is sufficient. Tin of tuna under the bonnet worked for me - after the snow I drove down the worse road in the area - strangely I was followed by the police who stopped when they saw how deep the first puddle I went through was. Smile on
  10. thanks mate - i was hoping there was a rave one that was downloadable. Big John
  11. can anyone point towards where i can download a Discovery 3 - workshop manual. Cheersig John B
  12. Well this seems to be the month for head gaskets and cylinder head problems. Following my earlier post - after pressure testing my head old has a crack. Welcome to the world of hens teeth. Try and find a 300 TDI head ready to go. I spent all day yesterday either on the web or phone chasing ghosts My mechanic was given a head that is warped - today it is going for skimming. It looks like it needs 20thou off. My mechanic has said we could use a saver shim. 1) Has anyone any experience of these saver shims? 2) Should I really go for a new head? 3) Can anyone suggest where I can get a head ready to go?
  13. thanks chaps for advice - the mechanic i use has arranged to have the head skimmed and pressure tested. i am definitely going to look into the fluid level indicator - i will talk to him about it. cheers Big John
  14. i opend the bonnet and the water resevoir was empty with the tell tale brown creamy scum in it. so she has gone off to the garage to be looked over - suspicion is that the head gasket has blown. this time hopefully no other damage. what i would like to ask is could this have been prevented? if so how? cheers Big John.
  15. 1) you would think i checked the coolant levelbefore restarting, but i did not. i will check it first thing. 2) no had no heat at all - before or after coming up to temperature. 3) it was tonight when it was dark and yes it was cold - 5 degrees. i will open bonnet tomorrow in daylighht and look at fluid levels.
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