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  1. Hi I have a defender 90 tdi 300 n reg, with a broken rear tail pipe and silencer. The silencer and pipe unit is I think esr3463. I would like to the esr4527 instead. This is because it is a cheaper part, as well as being not silenced. As my tdi300 is a quiet run I don't think it will be too loud!!. Has anyone done this or has knowledge that the two parts are both a correct fit for my model? Cheers
  2. Hi, I have a defender 90 tdi300 n reg landrover, as this was mentioned in past posts as an important point to clarify. So I have run the earth from the battery to the chassis and then it continues to the gearbox earthing point. The cable came with connection points at each end and in the middle so this was easy to do. The mechanic at the garage said that the old cable had lost one of its earth connections, it was missing the mid point connector. He also said to bolt it onto the chassis as well as the gear box. Is this wrong???
  3. Hi all, I have been and checked the earths, all okay. the bulb was okay in another bulb holder so I have replaced the bulb holder. Interestingly the faulty one looked okay! I have the new battery to chassis earth cable to fit next. The old one has been shortened at some point and did not stretch to the chassis, it only earthed on the gearbox! Thank you all for your help.
  4. Hi, a recent clutch change identified or might have caused a electrical fault. a wire at the back of the engine had been rubbing, it tripped the fuse and the car would not start. this was fixed, would this have blown bulbs at the same time??
  5. It is a 97 plate defender 90 TDI 300, I use it for off road and commuting.
  6. Hi, I have a faulty earth cable < it doesnt earth into the chassis, just the gearbox casing> this is being replaced, it is on order. I also have needed to replace bulbs, rear brakes and running lights. A rear brake I replaced 4 months ago has gone again. So, could these be linked? Thanks for any opinions.
  7. Hi, So we have the trip mapped but not set in stone. Lots of good ideas for Norway (thanks you all). These are the blanks, as we have never been to these counties, where to stop and camp (sites with showers and nice local hiking/rivers) in Northern France, Belgium, Germany and Sweden???
  8. Hi, Read this post a few weeks ago, found it very useful.
  9. Hi Thanks for the link looks very good. Would dogs be welcome or unwelcome?
  10. Wow, google imaged Hoddevik. Looks amazing and the campsite is on the beach, love it.
  11. Hi All, Planning a family trip, in a landrover defender 110, want to ask for ideas of best roads, best spots to visit, wild camping etc. Have a vague route planned (see map) and 4 weeks to do it in. Thinking about the oresund bridge, trollstigen, the Atlantic ocean road. Any ideas?
  12. mechanic finished the job, less than quoted, which was nice.
  13. Hi I would be down to 2nd on minor hills and throttle would do nothing more than sound awful and make a bad hot smell. On bigger hills it would struggle in 1st!!!!!
  14. Hi, What the normal bill for a new clutch? mine is gone, no power on hills and no power in 4th/5th. Engineers says clutch is killing the the throttle so it needs replacing. what the normal cost, googled it but forums are all 2011 costs...
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