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  1. New guy with first defender (Hereford)

    I have bitten off more than I can handle here should have done my research first it's going on the evil bay with a buy it now of 1500£ that's what I paid for it. Will raise some more funds a buy one with the chassis and bulkhead done already. I don't have the space to be stripping it done at my house unfortunately. if any wants a project please pass on my details. 07920 224292 Is 1500£ realistic.
  2. New guy with first defender (Hereford)

    Just stripped a bit off to find this can it be platted or does it defo need a new bulkhead? what orice would i be I be looking at the change the bulkhead? Chassis is solid apart from rear cross member.
  3. New guy with first defender (Hereford)

    Anyone want to buy a 90 project £1500 needs welding??
  4. Hi my name is Carl I have just brought my first defender after being in the VW world for a long time, The defender is a 89 county totally original not been on the road for 7 years. I am located in Hereford and looking for someone to help out in there spare time or as a day job to weld In Door pillars both side and a ready cross member with extensions! Plus just some advise on clutch and breaks if possible I will pay for the work of course, many thanks hope to see some of you guys around Soon. carl