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  1. That was my thought so took it to local engineering company to get it done propley they tried milling instead of lathing it and ripped the boss clean out the clutch wished I'd used mi dye grinder
  2. When we first got the sd1engine it was fitted to a 109running with the original 2a box without any issues but the old 109 has bit the dust past rotten, but the gearbox had lost 2nd gear hence why we were going to use my series 3 box but I believe it's the thinner sd1 flywheel as apposed to the thicker landy v8 one
  3. Hi there I have put a rover sd1 engine into my series 3 88 landy and would like to continue to use the original series 3box with overdrive, could any body advise me which clutch setup to use as the series 3 clutch seems to be at least 10mm short of touching and a series 2a clutch the main shaft out the box won't go through the boss on the pressure plate so when all bolted up the clutch is permanently engaged, could anyone please help???
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