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  1. Good day to all, I have been hunting for a good auto box for td5. I never get my box diagnosed for the fault, now I found an accident disco 1 v8. The guy is selling me a complete car. I would like to know if I can use the torque converter from my v8 in my Td5. What are the technical issues to look out for.. cheers percy
  2. Good day all, thanks for the prompt replies, it really brings hope to me. I can't wait to find out where the fault is.. Cheers Percy
  3. Good day all. I have done an inspection as advised. I opened the inspection window under the bell housing, and I found everything intact. I turned the drive plate with a screw driver and found it nicely attached to the torque converter. I also did an inspection with the motor on, everything seems intact. All I could hear was a rattle in the box above the oil sump. The sound is like when you put a stone in the tin and shake it. I wish anybody can shed some light. Thanks in advance Cheers Percy
  4. Thank you so much guys for your replies. I will do so and keep you posted Cheers
  5. Morning all i have just performed a stall test and I get 4900 r/min. Does that suggest a clutch slip. If so how do I go about solving it. Thanks in advance
  6. Good morning Thank you so much for helping me. I will do the stall test this morning and see what happens. I will then come back and report. Cheers Percy
  7. Good day to all, I wish to seek advise, I recently had a problem with a transfer box, got that sorted out by replacing it with a reconditioned one. I drove a car for about 60km, on a hill climb it felt like I had a clutch slip and engine light came on and eventually went off. I continued driving for another 10km until I reached another hill climb whereby I lost all the power with a whining noise on acceleration. I initially suspected it was a transfer case. I then removed it, I found no faults on the case. I then decided to have a look at gearbox whilst the case was out. I started the engine to assess the behavior of the drive shaft. On inspection I realized that the output shaft does turn on all the gears but I could be able to stop it with my hand while on gear. I have confirmed the oil level. What I also realized lately, when I turn off the motor, there is a sound of a spinning wheel like or shaft like object. That runs for few seconds. Thanks in advance Cheers Percy
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