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  1. LINLEY has finally be completed. Paint job finished and she’s ready for show.The keen eyes amongst you may notice a few things I added to her that was not LINLEY spec but I believe makes her look neater and more sleek.Firstly, I used centre caps from the HSE Sport (#LR094547) which are black with Land Rover in a silver logo instead of the silver ones with Green Land Rover logo.Secondly, I replaced the front and rear Land Rover emblems with the HSE Sport Black emblems to match the paintwork and finally I had the body trim moldings painted to match the smooth gloss black finish of the bumpers in
  2. Between the two I think that the H&H is a better looking vehicle both inside and out. The LINLEY could be mistaken for a Westminster on the outside except for the two dual tip stainless steel exhausts, the shadow chrome wheels and the LINLEY badge. The H&H is very unique with the color, two tone wheels and unique badge. On the inside the wood choice of Walnut, the chocolate brown leather and options available with it make it a beautiful vehicle. It typifies what Landrover meant when they designed the Range Rover. It’s a country estate vehicle designed to look well on the farm
  3. I’m attaching a link to another forum where I kept readers updated on the restoration of the LINLEY, along with photos. It won’t show properly until after painting. I’m hoping that my budget will allow me to have six coats of paint applied with a sanding between each application with the aim of having the mirror finish Black that the original vehicle had. Some paint shops I’ve researched for the job have told me that with modern painting techniques that the sanding between coats would not be necessary to create the desired effect. I’m unsure and open to forum members inputs on the subject
  4. I was fortunate enough to find and locate the only left hand drive LINLEY Edition ever made and have spent the last 15 months completely refurbishing it from top to bottom. The entire interior was removed, the headlining was taken to a tanner, cleaned and refurbished and the engine was removed and completely rebuilt. The only thing left to do is repaint, which will be done in summer of 2018.I was able to get the built sheets for the LINLEY from Landrover SV. I also bought a 2000 H&H Edition three years ago and rebuilt that. I spent the past3 years searching for the extras that came wi
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