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  1. New Defender

    So turns out all the work has been done , leak sorted also and the owner has receipts to prove it ! This excites me !
  2. New Defender

    Cheers ianmayco68 👍🏻
  3. New Defender

    This one has cropped up a 97 300TDi with 130000 on the clock and a galv chassis. Hes asking £8850 but has the below advisories on which I would like to put right straight away , so the question is is how much do I offer ? How much (estimate) would all the advisories cost to put right ?
  4. New Defender

    I did think that myself Retroanaconda ! Also is it better to look at the vans or station wagon ? I’m not fussed about the amount of seating ! Is it better to look at station wagons as they won’t have been worked as hard ? Am I better just looking for galv chassis as I am getting paranoid about missing something when looking at a vehicle due to a lack of knowledge !
  5. New Defender

    I’m assuming they describe it as rough around the edges as their more used to dealing in Morgan’s than land rovers maybe ? I may get an AA man to check it over before I make the 4 hr trip north !
  6. New Defender

  7. New Defender

    Surely there’s something wrong for that £ year and mileage !
  8. New Defender

    Requested more pics from them also !
  9. New Defender

    Ok , so this puppy has cropped up now ! A long way to go but looks tidy from the pics , thoughts ?
  10. New Defender

    Ok that’s the kind of advice I’m looking for , so I’ll keep shopping and pester you all soon with more pics of defenders for sale ! I’m not going to bother making the 2+ hr journey to see this one ! thanks again guys
  11. New Defender

    I’m still struggling to find a better looking 90 for £9k , is there such a thing for that price and where else do I look other than autotrader ? Has it had a paint job ? And what are the rear cross member flanges ? Are you advising me to steer clear of this or just knock the price down ?
  12. New Defender

    The last owner was a lady that used to use it to go and feed her horse apparantly !
  13. New Defender

    I have had a chat with the seller who is open to offers and has a bit of history of work done and the rear crossmember has been replaced and also other work since the MOT , if I buy the vehicle it will come with 3 months warranty and 12 months MOT ! The question is what do I offer him do I be cheeky and go as low as £6500 ? and thanks again everyone for your advice !
  14. New Defender

    Last MOT , the only thing that concerns me is the oil leak as it has cropped up on the last few MOT’s !
  15. New Defender

    Thank you Sharp , I am in North Wales so a bit too far to go but thanks for the offer and advice ! I’ll be opening my options up and start looking at TD5’s now !