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  1. Equinut

    ACE Anti-rollbar quality

    2001 TD5 Early Jan had to replace o/s antirollbar link - perished rubbers. Fitted a British Parts Stevenage replacement. A week ago I noticed fluid leak from the flexible part of the pipe supplying o/s ACE ram & found the top of the a-r link had come out of its'socket & allowed the a-r ram to drop & strain the pipe causing it to split. I ordered another link from a reputable supplier & specified OEM. It's just arrived in a box marked Delphi & made in Turkey. Is this a genuine L-R part or a rather more expensive pattern?
  2. Equinut

    Lost power/misfire/white smoke

    Finally found problem today- partially collapsed turbo > intercooler s-shaped hose restricting airflow - car now running perfectly - so far! Thanks to all who've sent advice
  3. Equinut

    Lost power/misfire/white smoke

    Have replaced cylinder head; found small cracks at each of the glowplug ports of the old head. Extremely disappointed that problem 'listed above is unchanged. Hawkeye returns 3015 DTC & says manifold pressure low. Help please!
  4. Recently bought a 2000 TD5 with 119k. Shortly after, it overheated - blown bleed hose.(bodged by previous owner) Garage discovered & replaced fuel pump which had failed at the same time. A week later it started losing power when towing - garage identified & freed sticking wastegate. A week after that it developed its current problem - starts, has bags of power, for 5 minutes or so, then loses power, revs drop to 7-800 & emits huge cloud of white smoke, which smells of diesel. It then sometimes emits occasional burst of black smoke while ticking over, if throttle is opened. On one test run it suddenly regained full power for a few minutes, then lost it again. Previous owner has removed EGR No sign of oil in water, or water on dipstick, or sludge under oil filler cap. Only error message on fault code reader is: Manifold pressure sensor logged Steps taken: 1.Fitted new fuel & air filters & injector harness. . 2.Garage has replaced several sensors, (MAF etc) with used units - no improvement. 3. Had to top up coolant with say 1/2 litre after garage fitted new bleed hose, then again a couple of days ago. 4. Have added Steelseal to coolant yesterday; also turbocleaner to fuel (that may have caused the burst of black smoke seen shortly after, when opening throttle whilst engine in limp mode} Advice please

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