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  1. Woody984

    Servicing question

    2015 Defender. The manual is rather irritating. Says I need WSD-M2C200-C for the gear box oil. Is that the same as 75w/90? Thanks
  2. Woody984

    Protecting paint work?

    That would be best. Any idea where I'd get a 90 worth of it? Ha ha
  3. Woody984

    Protecting paint work?

    That's exactly what I'm thinking. Theres clear stuff out there. Just not sure where is best to look.
  4. Woody984

    Protecting paint work?

    Quite keen to get into green laning as there are no end of lanes near me. I've been down a few and they've made a mess of my roof. Just wondering if any one has ever used "vehicle protection shield" or anything similar to preserve paint work. Thanks
  5. Woody984

    Recovery mods

    Thanks for all your advice. Anyone ever bought one of these? Do you think it would do the job? Thanks https://www.johncraddockltd.co.uk/land-rover-defender/defender-90-and-110/accessories/exterior-accessories/off-road-steering-and-sump-guards/jc735-steel-defender-90-110-steering-guard-with-towing-eyes.html
  6. Woody984

    Recovery mods

    Hi everyone just looking for advice really. Got a bog standard 2015 90. Just wondering what strops I should buy and what anchoring points I should buy and where from. Jate rings yes or no? Steering guard? Size strops etc. Thanks
  7. Woody984

    Land rover 90 car cover?

    Sounds good to me. Thanks for the feedback!
  8. Woody984

    Land rover 90 car cover?

    Just wondering if anyone has a car cover and how good they are? I'm looking at getting one for over the wet and cold winter. I've been looking at a "storm force" one and waa wondering if anyone's had any experience? Thanks
  9. Woody984

    Leak into footwell

    I think I've found it. Looks like the waters coming under the window seal. Then going behind the dash, rusting something to create an orange stain which is currently dry. Window out and new seal job?
  10. Woody984

    Leak into footwell

    Thanks for all your help everyone. . I've had a right laugh at a lot of the funny comments. I'll have a good look at the everything when I get the chance.
  11. Woody984

    Leak into footwell

    Hi. First post. Defender 90, 2015, got a leak into the passenger footwell, I've had a quick google and it seems like it could be the windscreen seal or something around there. Any advice and what to do etc? Thanks

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