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  1. prices on what the parts have cost me to get to where I am just if some one is thinking of upgrades and what It cost …..
  2. hi toby will be putting a step by step on next week with pics and figures and prices ect…..
  3. hi still not fitted bigger injectors thay are going in to morrow last dyno was 241BHP and 410 torque had some trouble with boost cut one the ecu but now sorted so I will put dyno graft up to morrow and yes fitted steel dawels
  4. yes its a dan brooks manifold I sell them if you are needing one
  5. so I have a 28\60 ball bearing turbo ported and polished head valves cut big cooler tubular manifold 3" pipe 50% bigger injector nozzles
  6. my target is 280 + bhp so I will put up dyno figures up at the end of the week and pics
  7. I started to make my defender faster last year, what have you all got out of your defenders and what mods bhp ……..
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