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  1. Hello Snagger, I think there was a chunk of concrete that the rear left wheel struck.
  2. Hello Snagger, Yes they did say it was the rear axle. I am going to another mechanic on Saturday and have a fresh set of eyes look at my vehicle. If the is bent shouldn't that impact how the vehicle is running mechanically? i.e apart from crabbing and pulling to the left.
  3. I have been to the garage today and had the chassis checked out. The good news is that the chassis is ok. However I was told that my rear axle is bent. I am thinking about getting a second opinion. Any thoughts on this?
  4. Here are a few more pics. I do apologise for the quality.
  5. Hello Bowie, It is not lifted it has the original springs
  6. This is a RHD TD5 110. From the front the back axle looks a bit off on the left side i.e the left back wheel is slightly outside to the front left. I hope I have described this properly.
  7. No you are correct the arm looked a little bent.
  8. I just did the 12-6 plane and there is very little movement. This was done at another alignment shop. Vehicle was placed on the lift and I took a couple pics. Please see attached.
  9. Bowie I am really a newbie to all this. What is the 12-6 plane?
  10. Hi, No I have not checked the chassis to see if it is square. The alignment technician suggested that I have the king pins checked first before looking at chassis.
  11. Good Day All, I have sorted out the lower link issues. I have been to the alignment shop and was advised that the rear axle is slightly off from the front. The technician had me looked at the vehicle from the back. What we noted that while standing at the right back we could see a bit of the front wheel. However when standing at the left back we could not see the left front wheel. He suggested that I get my mechanic to have a look at the "king pins" to see if an adjustment is required. Can anyone share there thoughts and expertise on this.
  12. Thanks for that quick feedback. Much appreciated.
  13. Hello , My vehicle is back on the road. Took it for a long run this weekend. On the way back another driver pulled up alongside and told me that the rear of the vehicle was off from the front. I am sorry but I just cannot describe this properly. When I got home I took a look underneath and noticed that the lower link on the right back was a bent a bit. I have not taken the vehicle to be aligned as yet. Note when I got into the accident last year the rear ball joint assembly was damaged and had to be replaced. Here is a pic of my vehicle.
  14. Just came off the phone with Dunsfold. They are out of stock.
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