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  1. OK, Didnt Think of that the breather could be Another reason, I know it leaks a Little and there is quite a lot (more then i would like) oil getting back into the inlet manifold. dont Think it is head or pistons because it doesnt smoke and no loss of water or gases into the coolant
  2. That would be appreciated then i know whhat i am in for or if i need to keep looking
  3. you got me there worded the frase wrongly, meant more or less compared to general cars and from what im used to. I work as a Tech at a Mercedes and AMG center, And that compared to a defender is quite a big differance, altough i can inmagine the RR has good stopping Power aswell
  4. I do agree and I am quite happy with how mine drives (when its not broken) but compared to what i drive at work Land Rover are not the best in class
  5. Alright , got my dad to do some tests for me, as it at there house, the results are: When pumping the pedal Before start and then starting it sinks just slightly and really slowly. When pumping up the pedal and then releasing the vacuumhose to the servo, no hissing sound or air coming in or out. no craks on the servo And last but not least when putting his thumb on the hose with the Engine running there was no sucktion he said it was more blowing . To me it now Points to the vacuum pump not working correctly right? or should i try anything else before i rest my case. As mentioned earlier i have a spare Engine so will order some gaskets and switch and have a go this will probebly be during the christmas
  6. What i can remeber when i bought the care it worked just fine, or as good as land rover brakes are It canĀ“t hurt to check just incase I havent been able to drive it that much during the last 12 months so have a hard time comparing. although they were not as bad as they are at the moment. guess i will have to take a test drive in my dads 110 to make a fair judgement
  7. I do have a slight knocking but i think that i from the engine as knocking speeds up at the same speed as the revs. since i put my reconditioned injectionpump in it is running much quieter then Before only thing making a lot of noise now are the tires but please let me know if your new pump helped, i do have a spare Engine so i might order some gaskets and swap them just for the sake of it and eliminating one part.
  8. Thanks for the answers, alright i will try and have Another look att the servo, it was the last owner who put the td5 axles on so didnt do the operation myself but now that its mentioned i Think it has the same mastercylinder as my -89 with drums. Definatly having a look at that aswell Thanks again will continue looking and let you know what was up, although could be a few weeks as at the moment its 400km away. and if somebody else has Another idea feel free to fill in
  9. Hello gents and ladies, new to the forum but been with land rovers for about 5 years now (and other cars for longer) I have encountered a problem and thought i would turn to the experts on the forum. I have a Land Rover 110 -83 with a 200tdi and td5 defender axles. the problem i have is that the brakesforce (stopping the car) is almost non-excistent. up to 20kph it stops Sharp like you expect at any other speed when you touch the brakes it dropes 10-20 kph and then more or less has the same stopping Power as Enginebraking. it started about a year ago and has slowly become so bad that at this Point it iis to dangerous to drive. What i have done so far: Brake wise: - changed the mastercylinder resuvior because it was cracking, -tried to grease up the pistons to get them going again (rusty pistons) - didnt work -Changed the calipers, me thinking it were the pistons that were stuck. - Didnt work -Changed brakepads, - didnt work. The pedal is very firm so doesnt feel like there is air in the system. when holding the brakepedal when starting the Engine it does go down a Little which should mean the servo is working. that makes me Think it has something to do with the vacuumpump because around the same time as my brakeproblem started occuring i got a leak from my fuelinjectionpump which meant that you really had to push the Engine to go anywhere. with a reconditioned pump in Place it doesnt feel like i have the same amount of boost as Before the pump was changed. dont know if this is related but Always good to write down all the symptoms. I have encounterd a fair few brake related problems but not this one so where and how to look next? done some research which resulte in looking for cracks in the brakeservo, wheelbearing vacuumpump etc. Asking kindly for some ideas /Sven

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