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  1. RobRob

    No traction on long uphill stretch

    @elbeko not so many Kim’s. Only 180k authentic. What stimies me most is the fact that this only happens on that very special long quite fast climbing section, and not with others which are also long, but maybe not so fast. Ill insist with the mechanic to check the oil level from the plug , though he assures me all oil levels etc changed and checked.
  2. RobRob

    No traction on long uphill stretch

    Tried that but absolutely no traction whatsoever whatever the gear range for a good 10 to 15 mins )😩 then just enough to slooowly turn the truck around and head back downhill, progressively picking up traction thereafter. After another 5 to 10 minutes all seems back to normal again even up steep hills...???
  3. RobRob

    No traction on long uphill stretch

    Thanks Sierraferry. No indication of overheating on the gauge and the engine itself seems to be perfectly smooth. I confess to having resorted to putting it in the hands of the local garage mechanic who can’t identify the problem himself either for the moment in spite of having contacted Land Rover too. I’ll suggest the nanocom recording ... Or maybe Santa will bring it with him. Frustrating as it happens on just the one long uphill haul but as a result I can’t trust it to handle the motorways here for fear that the same occurs as doing an about turn on the motorway is not an option !
  4. RobRob

    No traction on long uphill stretch

    Thanks for the ideas. As mentioned above all oil/fluid levels changed/checked so not that cause. The local mechanic here is stumped too for the moment. He has asked the local LR dealer who says its the first time he’s seen the problem.
  5. RobRob

    No traction on long uphill stretch

    Just to be clear. The engine runs and revs fine. Just seems to be not connected to the wheels for traction once the problem kicks in !
  6. RobRob

    No traction on long uphill stretch

    Thanks. Just had all oil levels checked and topped up and no better. Same problem. More than limp mode (which allows you normally to get home albeit slowly) this is “no go anywhere mode” for 15 minutes, and it only occurs after this long (quite fast and straight) uphill stretch. I handle other (quite steep) uphill stretches with no apparent problem. I darent take it out on the motorway meanwhile as I won’t be able to do an about turn in case of need on a hill section ! And the snorkel spitting stuff out onto the passenger window... A hitch up to the computer is planned imminently...
  7. A mystery! I have a 2003 Disco td5 automatic. All fine on the flat and up and down hills. Except on a particular 10 mile long uphill straight (quite fast)haul when I all of a sudden lose all traction. No way to go either backwards or forwards. Engine revs ok. I also have vapor (oil/water mixture?)which seem s to be coming from the base of the snorkel. I wait ten minutes and the traction comes back enough to turn around and start back down the hill again. Once under way again all seems fine. Even for uphill stretches. Unless I try to attack “the hill”again ! Limp mode kicking in? Anybody had the same problem/have any ideas what that might be please?

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