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  1. Ok il have a look at the turbo and see if I can check the valve guides . Thank you to you both
  2. Hi everyone.i hope you can share your knowledge. I know people have brought this topic up before but I’m running out of ideas. My 300tdi defender doesn’t start that well. On start up it feels quite choked up and I try to clear it . Quite a lot of blue smoke comes out . When I drive off and it’s on run over on down hill it bellows blue smoke out but once warm it doesn’t do it. When accelerating doesn’t seem to do it , only when I lift off the throttle. I have replaced the piston rings and head gasket and homed the bores. New oil in. Would the only other things it could be are injectors or turbo seals or glow plugs? With it smoking so much people have said it wouldn’t be the valve stem seals. Thanks in advance

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