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  1. Hi all may soumd abit daft but this is all new to me can anyone tell me what the button that looks like a motorway sign actually does please ? Thank you
  2. Not sure mate to be honest but all sorted now thank god 😀
  3. Sorted it now was a leaky sunroof dried the Land Rover Discovery Key Fob Alarm Receiver Control Module ECU and now sorted thanks to every1 that tried to help
  4. Plus what do u mean by physical keys ?
  5. Hi i went out to it this morning having been stood a full week unlocked it with the key touched the old key fob and it worked and i could start it.😁 i went back to it 25 mins later and it wont work again !!!!! Any ideas ????
  6. Thank you i will have a look at the weekend and let u know
  7. Thanks for the replys but were willni find the code ?
  8. Will i need key reprogramming ?
  9. Hi all help needed please !!!!! I replaced my battery as it had been stood for a few weeks and was flat. But now carnt get the key remote to work to disable the immobiliser. I can open the doors with the key but the alarm goes off i put the key in the ignition turn it on and all lights on dash board come on as normal but the little red led just keeps flashing and wont start Any ideas ??? Thanks in advance
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