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  1. Hi folks, got a bit of a conundrum here & would grately appreciate some advice please. I have a Y reg 2001 110 defender. It has rust issues to the extent I took a wing mirror out of holder & metal bit behind was rusty, don't know if it's been kept on the coast with sea air & salt. I put it in for first MOT & have been advised chasis is totally rusted out. to change for a new galvanized chasis & do welding required plus other bits will cost me £5500 to pass MOT or £7000 to do all that needs doing. Have been told as is could get £3500 but if I have work done could be worth £1
  2. Thank you Steve, I will give this a go. Much appreciated.
  3. Hi folks, I've got a Y reg 2001 Defender 110 TD5. When I turn key so dash lights come on I have no ABS light & the hand brake light comes on for a short period then goes off (which the ABS should be doing). When I first got it hand brake light would stay on but if I put my foot on brake, took hand brake off then started it light would go off. Any ideas anyone, all help gratefully acceptrd, Thanks, Bill.
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