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  1. Thanks for all the input everyone! I’ll look around for some other European countries that had lhd or figure out how to convert one from RHD to LHD. Was the US the only country that LR made a true convertible? I don’t think I’ve seen a foreign defender that looks like one that was sold stateside.
  2. Is there a way to tell? I’ve seen Santana’s with LR and Defender badging. Is the Vin different from the Sal(?) that the Land Rovers I’ve seen used? Im not extremely familiar with LR, my family worked for Chrysler and Jeep so I’m trying to learn before I spend a decent amount of money. Ideally I want a convertible but I want a diesel and getting a US gas version converted to a 300 would be really expensive. Not sure if there are any kits to convert a hard top to soft.
  3. Is there such a thing as a true Land Rover Defender that is left hand drive? Or is all of the ones I’ve seen really a Santana? And if it’s a Santana, were any of them legitimately registered under the licensing as a Land Rover? I really want a diesel Defender and I’ve never driven a rhd vehicle but I’d imagine it would take some getting use to but I’m not sure. I’d rather get a LHD but I’m a little bit of a purist and I don’t want to get something badged as a Land Rover Defender when it’s not actually what it says.
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