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  1. Problem solved. A wire that had been repaired from the Main fuse box to Fuse 3 (Fuel shut-off) was not repaired properly resulting in a large voltage drop across the connection. Repaired the wiring and she fires up like a champ every time now. Always good to get one in the win column. Cheers!
  2. Okay I am back. So I traced the circuit and ended up at the fuse box on the right side. I have power from the ignition switch into the fuse box From there it should feed F3(10A) for the fuel shutoff solenoid. On the backside of the fuse box though, I see a module 52010127D which I am going to guess has something to do with an immobiliser??? If I am correct, then this is stopping power from getting to Fuse F3. This fuse has 12V until I turn the key, and then nothing. Any ideas what this box is? Okay it should be some sort of multifunction module? I am going in and see where I am losing power. Wish me luck
  3. Thanks ballcock. That is where I am heading in about an hour. It is the same for both ignition switches though which makes it odd. I will post back my findings.
  4. Thank you Arjan for your reply. I no sooner made the post and then accidentally came across the wiring diagram book from Landrover for this truck. All 649 pages in a nice PDF so I have a diagram now and will go back at it after supper. Hopefully it is quick and easy. Will let you know what I find. Cheers!
  5. Good day everyone. Newb from Canada here with question about 95 Disco I TDI. I will apologize for the lengthy story but better to be honest straight up and keep the diagnostics short. Looking for someone who knows the electrical side of this truck as I am good at electrical but flying by the seat of my pants without a diagram and perhaps a bit of knowledge. This is my sons truck that we picked up on the cheap with the engine in various boxes. We rebuilt the engine complete and dropped it back in. It was a gas Disco that was turned converted to a diesel and the job looked like it was done very well, under the hood anyways. The electrical under the dash, different story but I think it is complete. So I rebuilt the engine for him, got it in and running and everything seemed okay. I changed the ignition switch because the original was worn and hard to remove the key and if memory serves correct, we still got it started and ran. Fuzzy on that statement. Anyways the problem I am having is that when I crank the motor, I lose my battery voltage at the fuel shutoff solenoid. If I jump it right to the battery, it will start every time. I do not have a wiring diagram as I pointed out but I am also curious as to whether or not I have tripped something in the alarm or immobiliser area. I am not that familiar with Landrovers but I am familiar with immobilisers. I thought it would negate the starter function if that were the case so I am a little confused. Does the fuel shutoff come from the ECM tucked up on the left kick panel? North America (left hand drive). Any thoughts? Comments are all appreciated and look forward to hearing from some knowledgeable people on here. Cheers!
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