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  1. I’m another happy user of the big dewalt one. I seldom get the airline one out now. Fabulous at doing loads of stuff is the battery one but I still use the air one for crank shaft boults. I have a small Mikita one but only use that over a standard socket when there are loads of fixings, like on bumpers and stuff.
  2. It sounds as though I should just stop worrying about the Range Rover being all modern and stuff. re your story of the 110 wheel bearing. I have a similar one where I waited many hours in a small welsh village after a jaunt on the beach that followed a few resent days in similar mire. Something I learned years ago was to keep a small bottle of fizz and champagne glass stashed amongst the spares and tools I keep in my classic cars. Ok the fizz is never cold but once a recovery is fully confirmed things never seem so bad with bubbles. It helped that day with my 110 wheel bearing, it he
  3. Thank you both. there the kind of bits I was thinking about. does anyone know of things to add such as a crank sensor? Exactly that kind of thing, small bits that stop you dead. A map sensor also possibly. Turbos are changed and eggs were cleaned about 1500 miles ago after a turbo failure. The car has 104,000 miles on the clock. small metric toolkit and a jump thingy will also come. tryres are new and a full service will happen before I go. Gearbox serviced at 95,000 miles thanks again.
  4. That’s definitely true but I wasn’t really thinking about spare shock, airbag, alternator etc. more along the lines of bulbs, fan belt and fuses etc.. I feel there must be little invaluable items over and above what’s in the cubby box of a tdi defender for such a modern vehicle. Or am I wrong. how about scanning the 3.6tdv8? Is it like a td5 where not any generic scanner will do so a nanocom is always worth having because the local garages modus won’t do or do any generic fault code readers work so there is little point taking anything because nowerdays most garages have a reader of
  5. Hello all, new member of the forum hoping to gain from some of your expertise and experience. I am by no means new to LandRover or travel but I am certainly new to LandRovers without a chassis and travel with children. I have booked Ferry to Santander in August 2020 and need to be in the med two weeks later so I have two weeks to explore the Pyrennes with my wife and two children (aged 4 and 2). i am hopefully going to take in some gravel roads but must remain vigilant that I will not only be exploring with two small children but I will also not have my truste
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