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  1. I’m having a struggle finding the filler plugs for the diffs on my series 3 ive got a nice collection of plugs, about 12 at the last count, but none seems to fit my diff filler hole, measured it with the callipers at 8/10” or 20.5mm in new money but buggered if I can find a plug to fit ive tried part numbers 608246 235592 but these are too big, anyone have any clues about what next? oh, while I’m on the subject of filler plugs, is the drain plug suppose to be sitting proud of the diff case or flush with it when tightened? many thanks for any assistance rendered regards Matt
  2. xychix, if you do want to get rid of those parts let me know, i'm sure we can sort something out
  3. cheers for the advice guys, the hella route does look very attractive
  4. aaaaaaaaaaaaah so how do i get from the engine bay to the gearstick, I must need an extra cable then do i
  5. so how does the wire know that the car has gone into reverse is there a connection to the gearbox or something
  6. ok, I'll look into that further, dont get why its in the engine bay though
  7. Hi Guys, thanks for all the help on this, i'm pretty sure from what youve been saying that the white/brown is to the oil pressure switch, that matches up with my thinking, the Green, Green/Brown circuit is still baffling me though Im reaching that stage in my restoration, you'll all be pretty pleased to hear, where I'm jumping up and down screaming "Fuc**ng Land Rover, why can't they just do a manual for everything without leaving out all the Optional Equipment" Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Everyone reaches this stage don't they?
  8. I’m just in the process of restoring my series 3. Fitting a new loom to it and reached a point where I haven’t the foggiest idea where these wires go. Any help would be appreciated. The first wires are positioned on the loom near to the brake and clutch housings. I’ve taken the wires for the brake earring lights across and to the resistor for the glow plugs and appear to have these left over. the second one is on the main engine harness and I haven’t worked out what to do with that one yet either but I’ve circled it in red
  9. Whilst I’m begging favours has anyone got a pic of the route that the brake pipes take on a 2.25 diesel dual line system, master to slave, can’t work out where it goes round the accelerator mechanism.
  10. Thanks for the thoughts guys, I’m trying for completely stock and I appreciate that everyone hates the vacuum set up but I’m trying so fingers crossed. Has anyone got the dimensions of the bar though?
  11. am I missing something as cant post in the wanted section its greyed out
  12. looking for the rod that connects the cross shaft to the butterfly valve, part number 592352
  13. Arjan, you beauty, that's exactly what I was looking for. my series 3 has a servo assisted dual line brake system, the servo, and the dual line system are shown in the standard parts catalogue but the vacuum system for it isn't, god bless land rover! this has it spot on thanks
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