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  1. Hi Gazzar et al All brake pipes now fitted thanks to your advice, don’t suppose that you know the part number for the short bleed nipples do you?
  2. Thanks for the help and advice as well
  3. Bless your cottons I think I’m about a year off even thinking about the road but yes I will and thanks for pointing it out
  4. Hi Gazzar et al did as suggested and fitted hose to pipe and in at the top of the drum, managed (finally) to connect top to bottom but now can’t get the bleed nipple into its hole am I being completely thick here?
  5. Gotcha, thanks for that Gazzar. surprised that the bleed nipple is at the bottom though that seems, as you say a bit contra as you say, don’t suppose that you have a pic of the back of the drum do you?
  6. I’m just restoring a 1983 series 3 swb. Does anyone have some pictures of how all the front and rear brake pipes are attached. Particular problems are: 1. Layout of brake pipes on front drums. I have four holes for pipe fittings, two top and two bottom 2. positioning of rear brake pipe that runs along axle thanks for any assistance Matt
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