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  1. Security being the topic of choice being a defender owner in these times haha! Anyway, ive just completed a galvy chassis swap on the 110 and am now looking to beef up the security XENG do the pedal locks etc. but i know how easy they are to tow away I remember doing some research a year or so ago and there was a device that stopped the propshaft moving through a lock in the cab, iirc it was transferbox mounted? im hoping someone can remember as google isnt working for me! 😅
  2. Car is a 110 TD5 2000 Fitted the gkn overdrive and reverse gear feels like a slipping clutch and won’t let it reverse thats without any of the wiring fitted to the solenoid or anything forward gears seems fine refitting the standard setup and reverse back to normal i know the design of the overdrive is that when the solenoid is operated it’s a one way gear or will smash the thrust bearing to pieces, but surely disengaged or not powered it should be ok? clutch plate is fine, has had a new sprag and seals am I missing something? thanks
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