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  1. Now that there is another ugh...."Defender" out there, who like me, wants to be as far away as we can be to this vehicle that should not in my opinion be called a 'Defender'? Aside from its alleged off road ability, it shares nothing else with the one and only Defender that many of us know and love. So, I want to get a decal that states something like "The One and Only" or "The Proper One". Does anybody know if these are being printed? Should I ever need another one, it looks like I will be heading Ineos's way as the new Grenadier looks like the business and it is being built in the UK (Well done Sir Jim Ratcliffe).....What makes me so angry, is that Land Rover could have done this if they were still run by engineers (and not fancy pants accountants).....after all, it looks like a beefed up, updated and better built 110. And it meets all the required regulations. It would not have cost anything like the millions that went into the development that has gone into the 'tarts handbag' they have just created. BIG MISTAKE Land Rover, BIG MISTAKE.
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