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  1. I actually don't like the khan or chelsea truck designs. They seem cheap and without character (aggressive) for me. Trying to be hard but not hard. This does look different to me, maybe it doesn't to others? Thinking of the LS3 next year, but then everyone is getting an LS3, maybe something else like LS7/8? I wanted to get rid of the manual for a TH350 on the current engine, but I'm actually really liking the stick. It's not heavy for me I have huge feet like godzilla
  2. Yeah I wanted to do something different! I think it's around 350 BHP, but I have not put it on the dyno just yet. It's without NOS and supercharger but the NOS kit is here. The supercharger will probably blow the engine with stock parts. The interior is standard original V8. The only change is a carbon momo wheel.... that will be changing very soon 🤪
  3. I've started a diary here incase some of you want to follow and give a newb some advice.
  4. Decided to start a little log of all the trials and tribulations of my defender. Land Rover Defender 90 (Original V8 Rover) Engine: Chevrolet 350CI Short Block Carb: Holly Performance 4150 4-Barrel Tyres: 33inch Nitto Mud Grappler with Machlock Rims Gearbox: LR380 Exterior/Interior: KBX leds/grills, Uproar4x4 Exterior Protection, Cree Light Bar, Custom Scoop Hood, Soft Top Conversion, Optimil Upgrades, Momo Wheel October/November Changes: - Tarox 6 Pot Front Brake (Not Supplied) - Rear EBC Brake Overhaul (New Callipers, Discs
  5. It's been bellhoused directly onto the engine. Not sure if that makes a difference but the gearbox hasn't had any issues and its been thrashed about in the mountains of europe
  6. Anyone got an example of road legal markings on the tyres?
  7. I have the R380 gearbox with a chevy 350 CI short block engine.
  8. I called them up and they said they were off-road use tyres. So it looks like I might need to increase the rim size and decrease the tyre size in order to keep the height of the vehicle.
  9. As noted below, they have the POR marking, which I don't think is specifically road legal right? I'll get some more. There's a chevy V8 engine with NOS, something very special but isnt finished. Made in the UK but was in Europe for a bit, just brought it back into the uK. This is what I was assuming.
  10. Hey Fellow LR owners, I'm currently running rims (16x10) on 305/70/16R Nitto Mud Grappler Tyres (33 inch) They are off-road and i'm trying to get the closest alternative which is road legal as I drive in London and don't want to risk getting 3 points for each tyre. Current Alternative for same rims: ST PRO COOPER or the BFgoodrich KM3 only do these sizes but they are again, also offroad. They are less aggressive than the Nitto Mud Grapplers so I might raise less attention. Changing Rim Sizes: I think my only alternative and what makes sense ahead of a big brake bu
  11. Sent it back to Optimil and it was fixed. Wheel is on nice and snug.
  12. I did get the old bos off with the 3 arm puller, it popped off nicely. Now I have an issue with Optimil's quick release steering boss. The two locking pins are not setting into the base and hence the wheel can just be pulled off...
  13. The hex screws in the boss are so small i double I could get a serious piece of metal to do the job, ill grab some of those arm puller things
  14. Hey Guys, Im still having issues taking off the wheel. The puller kit I have doesnt match the bolt on the wheel, also, theres no holes or room for two additional bolts to form some kind of lock to push the wheel off I bought this kit https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01N9B0KJE/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Any tips? I really need to get a wheel on before some work booked in!
  15. This wheel is waiting to go on, but i realised I might need a hub, not just the optimil boss?
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