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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone, really helpful to have your thoughts - we've decided to give it a try this weekend and will post some pictures here to update. Useful to know we should add in some additional structure, this was something we'd wondered about. Also great to see some pictures of other builds, plenty of inspiration! Happy to share some photos of our project as it progresses ☺️
  2. Hi everyone, We are pretty new Defender owners and would really appreciate your advice on a query regarding the rear wheel boxes. We have a 110 TD5 van (2002) and are trying to create more space in the rear tub to fit some gear for overlanding. The previous owners have cut holes in the rear wheel boxes behind the front seats to create additional storage space (see photos). We would ideally like to remove this section of wheel box altogether, from the front of the wheel arch to the bulkhead behind the passenger seat (to fit a fridge). Does anyone know if it’s ok to do this? Obviously on th
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