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  1. Thanks StellaGhost, yes maybe (!)... lets see . Kind Rgds Paul
  2. Thanks Blanco, no, not a baffle plate, if anything it looks like a round stone too big to come out (hence too big to have gone in unless was there at manufacture . . It is difficult to see maybe it's a ball of previously molten turbo (!). Well we will have to pursue further... here in Angola (relatively) "hi tech" companies doing intercooler repairs thin on the ground.
  3. Hi guys newbie to the fórum here, did search but found nothing so far so hope I am in right section. We had a turbo failure on our 95 Series 1 discovery, we fitted new one all seemed ok. Then lots of blue smoke, back to workshop and looked at cleaning out intercooler (oops should hv down it when we changed the turbo I guess.....). Funny thing is there seems to be a strange hard ball like object rattling around inside the inlet tank of the intercooler, too large to come out..... any ideas? thanks Paul
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