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  1. I have had a 2007 Freelander 2 TD4 for since beginning of 2014. It has towed a caravan all around Australia. Was bought with about 80,000km on the clock and now it has now has 197000km. I love this car. It unfortunately has never seen the inside of an uncover shelter so many of the interior issues are my fault. It is paying that price because I bought a 1924 buick which needs the shelter more, it spent 20 years in a field. What has going wrong? Outside - The CV boots needed to be replaced. The shock absorbers needed to be replaced. A turbo hose blew. One of the electric cooling fans
  2. I joined your forum today to discuss exactly the same issue as @Dan kewellwith my Freelander 2, 2.2l TD4. I have enjoyed reading this forum since 2014 but this is the first time I've actually posted anything. I have left this small leak issue for years because it is hidden under the engine cover but it does cause problems on long trips. Somewhere around the first 3 injectors is a leak which pools a black liquid. I had initially thought that it was an oil leak from the injectors because the liquid is so dark but it appears that it is deisel combining with a slow drip of oil from the breath
  3. I've owned my Freelander 2 2007 since 2014. I have 2 keys and have replaced the batteries twice and replaced both the cases. There are some pretty accurate guides on you tube. Just some basic soldering to replace the battery (2 connection points). The ebay cases are inexpensive and look like the new keys. Well worth doing.
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