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  1. I use the argon and helium gases for MIG welding. The most popular gases used for a MIG welder. https://www.auditpowertools.com/what-gas-is-used-for-mig-welding/
  2. The secret weapon is 5 minute epoxy and a 5/16" brake line, about 1-1/2" long that fits into both the hose and baffle. Before you start, make sure that the brake line fits into the baffle and the hose before you start. Epoxy the tube in the drain hose and let it set for an hour. After, do another epoxy around the new joint. Let that sit for an hour. Afterwards, smear epoxy around the other end of the tube and place that in the baffle. Repeat again, and there you go. Since epoxy sticks to everything, place a sheet of saran or cling wrap underneath. Simple Access: Remove the trim
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