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  1. Thanks , I had wondered that approach . I’ll get started !
  2. Hi all I have just joined this as one week ago I got my series three SWB ( a 1972 with a 2.5 petrol from the later models , it had had an older transit diesel in ). It’s functional and looks ok . A hand paint job in marine blue and black grill , headlamp cowels and rims . The galvanised parts are blue too , including the windscreen ., I would like to remove the paint from those parts and figure I can’t use abrasive because of the galvanisation . Has anyone any suggestions for the more effective method whilst the parts are in situ please ? also , where woul
  3. Hi , jumping in on this exactly similar occurred today . It rained a little bit, been really dry . Disco 2 2001 v8 . Tape over the sunroof for years . I leave it unlocked . Went to use it ( had last done so 20 hours previously) . Cluster lights on , doors locked , only worked manually . Front right indicator light and repeater on . Radio and climate on . It started even if I “immobilised “ it . I disconnect battery to have that hope it would fix everything and boost power and improve mileage at the same time , naturally it won’t start at all now as the immobiliser now w
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