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  1. I too have this issue. I re an the tank to 1/8 and apparently this is too low for a 260,000 engine or more so tank. Algae build up but been told it’s a body off chassis job to get to the tank and intanj pump, my local land rover specialist can do it for £1600 compared to dealer at £3000+. I paid £2500 for it and it’s the only thing wrong with excellent service history. I get gear fault, special services gone, suspension issues and no power if I accelerate more than 10%. Now I can get to 70 and drive my normal work route etc and M getting excellent mpg at 33.2mpg for driving like this. But I can’t overtake, dare not climb a long hill or if I do I need to switch to gear select mode and keep it revving high rather than ur being under strain in a lower gear from the auto. Apparently my my mechanic flushed the lines and filter which got it running again but has said the job will need done.is there another way to do this without taking the body off? Many thanks.
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