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  1. I need Van ones. Which part number did you buy?
  2. Hmmmmm i had 4 on mine when i stripped it. At £20 a go its not a cheap mistake lol
  3. Two different ones listed for 14. I need 4 of them so im guessing its the other part number?
  4. Thats what im trying to find out. Normally when you type a part number in google, it brings up the sizes. Ive done it with every other bolt ive needed so far, but this brings up no info at all....
  5. Thanks but it doesnt say if its the part number im after, as theres about 4 different ones quoted in that thread.
  6. I have a 110 commercial and i need the outrigger to buck mounts. Am i correct in thinking i need NRC6951? Thanks in advance...
  7. As title if anyone can help. Google wasnt my friend while looking
  8. Ive googled the prop clinic and it brings up a different company. Have they rebranded do you know?
  9. Is the flange on the diff interchangeable do you know?
  10. If fitting a Salisbury to a disco, what would you do with regards to props. Would you be able to mix and match with defender UJs or change the flange on the salisbury or would you need to custom make a prop?
  11. I know its a long shot, but wondered if anyone knew what AFU1499 actually was size wise so i can get a hex alternative? Ive googled it with no joy....
  12. The NRC7053 seem to be what i need for a 110 Van. Can anyone confirm this?
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